Behind the Bronze: Jack Youngblood

Behind the Bronze: Jack Youngblood

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Two-hundred-sixty bronze busts reside in the Hall of Fame Gallery inside the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. They "immortalize" the greatest players, coaches, and contributors that this game has produced.

Jack Youngblood

Defensive End Jack Youngblood is regarded as one of the most rugged players of his era. Originally drafted in the first round out of Florida by the Los Angeles Rams in 1971, he played in a team record 201 straight games. He was named All-Pro five times, voted to seven consecutive Pro Bowls, and elected to the Hall of Fame in 2001. Jack's HOF Bio>>>

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Hobbies: The outdoors is the thing that I really like.

Last Book You Read: I'm actually reading three right now. Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" is the one I just finished up.

Favorite Movie: One of the funniest ones I've seen in the recent past is My Big, Fat Greek Wedding which was hilarious.

Favorite Music: Gospel and country.

Favorite Food: Hamburgers.

Favorite Current NFL Player: Jared Allen.

Favorite Athlete in Another Sport: Used to be Tiger.

Favorite NFL Team as a Child: I didn't have one.

First Job: I was an attendant at a gas station.

Favorite NFL Stadium During Your Career (other than the L.A. Coliseum): I hated New Orleans and Frisco because of that turf. I guess I didn't have any favorite other than the Coliseum.

Watch: Jack Youngblood recalls his most memorable game.

One Person Who Influenced You Most: My grandfather.

Did you have any pre-game rituals/superstitions?: I try to stay away from those things.

Was there a reason for choosing No. 85? Because that's the one Don (Hewitt), our equipment man, gave me.

Toughest Player you ever faced? There were a lot them. But, probably pound-for-pound, it was Walter Payton.

Most Influential Coach: Chuck Knox.

How would you spend time during the offseason? I worked in the banking business with Bank of American initially. Then, I got into real estate and a few other things.

What makes you most proud about your Hall of Fame career? Just being nominated.

When did you realize you had a Hall of Fame career? That's was never an aspiration, that was never a dream. This was all something that grew out of the career.

How did you learn of your Hall of Fame election? In Tampa. I was at the Super Bowl.

Was it difficult to pick your presenter (Merlin Olsen)? No, that was a done deal.

If you could do your Enshrinement Speech over today, what would you change? About ten minutes (laughs).

Your greatest accomplishment outside of football: That's a good question. Probably, choosing the right wife, the second time around!

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