Following in dads footsteps

Following in dads footsteps

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Howie Long
Jackie Slater
Virginia Defensive End Chris Long and UCLA receiver Matt Slater joined a rare group during this year’s draft.  They became the sixth and seventh sons of a Pro Football Hall of Famer to be drafted into the NFL.

Chris Long was taken second overall by the St. Louis Rams while Matt Slater was picked by the New England Patriots in the fifth round (153rd overall).

Chris is the son of Class of 2000 inductee Howie Long and Matt is the son of Jackie Slater, Class of 2001.

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Tony Dorsett

Anthony Dorsett

Bobby Bell, DE/LB, Class of 1983 | Bobby Bell, LB, Drafted by New York Jets in 1984.

 Tony Dorsett, RB, Class of 1994 | Anthony Dorsett, CB, Drafted by Houston in 1996

 Bob Griese, QB, Class of 1990 | Brian Griese, QB, Drafted by Denver in 1998

 Don Shula, Coach (also player), Class of 1997 | Mike Shula, QB, Drafted by Tampa Bay in 1987

 Kellen Winslow, TE, Class of 1995 | Kellen Winslow, TE, Drafted by Cleveland in 2004 History Section - Fathers and Sons Who've Played Pro Football



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