Highest scoring game

Highest scoring game

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Redskins and Giants combine for nine TDs of 30 yards or more

It was a great defensive battle,” joked Washington Redskins head coach Otto Graham.

The Hall of Fame quarterback turned head coach made his sarcastic comment after witnessing the highest scoring game in National Football League history. That day, his Redskins downed the New York Giants by a score of 72-41 on November 27, 1966.


Brig Owens had a pair of 62-yard TD returns
- one on a fumble recovery and the other on an interception.

The 113 total points came via 16 touchdowns – ten scored by Washington and six by the Giants; and a field goal late in the game. A miscue by New York’s quarterback, Tom Kennedy gave the Redskins a chance for some kicking practice.

With the Giants trailing 69-41, a shell-shocked Kennedy lost track of downs. With just seven seconds remaining and thinking it was third down, Kennedy threw the ball out of bounds so he could run out the clock on one final play to end his team’s misery. Unfortunately for the young quarterback, his throw took place on fourth down and, as a result, New York turned the ball over to the Redskins at their own 23-yard-line.

Based on the fact that his kicker missed two field goals the previous week, Graham sent Charlie Gogolak out for what he described as “practice.” Gogolak converted the three-pointer and the Redskins had run up 72 points by the time the gun sounded to end the contest.

The win did not come without a sacrifice from the host team. In the days before nets were placed behind the goal posts, extra points would sail into the stands. So, needless to say, the team shelled out a fair amount of money in the cost of footballs that afternoon. According to a newspaper account, 14 footballs ended up in the stands – thirteen of the lost footballs came on extra point attempts while the other lost ball came courtesy of Brig Owens who heaved it into the crowd after he returned a fumble 62 yards for a score. At a value of $22.50 each, the total tab for balls for the Redskins that afternoon came to $315.

NY Giants

Scoring Summary

WAS Whitfield 5 yd. pass from Jurgensen  (Kick blocked)
WAS Whitfield 63 yd. run (C. Gogolak kick)
WAS Owens 62 yd. run with fumble (C. Gogolak kick)
NYG Jacobs 6 yd run (P. Gogolak kick)
WAS Whitfield 1 yd. run (C. Gogolak kick)
WAS Looney 10 yd. run (C. Gogolak kick)
NYG Wood 1 yd run (P. Gogolak kick)
NYG Morrison 41 yd. pass from Wood (P. Gogolak kick)
WAS Taylor  32 yd. pass from Jurgensen (C. Gogolak kick)
NYG Jones 50 yd. pass from Wood (P. Gogolak kick)
WAS Taylor 74 yd. pass from Jurgensen (C. Gogolak kick)
WAS Harris 52 yd. punt return (C. Gogolak kick)
WAS Owens 62 yd interception return (C. Gogolak kick)
NYG Thomas 18 yd. pass from Kennedy (kick failed)
NYG Lewis 1 yd. run (P. Gogolak kick)
WAS Mitchell  45 yd. run (C. Gogolak kick)
WAS C. Gogolak 23 yd. Field Goal


PASSING NYG - Kennedy, 13 of 21 for 165; Wood, 7 of 12 for 146. WAS - Jurgensen, 10 of 16 for 145; Barrington, 1 for 0; Shiner, 1 for 0.
RECEIVING NYG - Jones, 6 for 85; Morrison, 4 for 98; Thomas, 4 for 82; Crespino, 3 for 22; Jacobs, 2 for 29. WAS - Taylor, 6 for 124; Looney, 2 for 4.
RUSHING NYG - Morrison, 16 for 59; Jacobs, 10 for 25; Lewis, 4 for 19; Mercein, 2 for 8. WAS - Looney, 10 for 46; Whitfield, 6 for 74; Mitchell, 2 for 54; Barrington, 5 for 26.
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