Sculpture of Sammy Baugh's right hand

Sculpture of Sammy Baugh's right hand

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When Sammy Baugh first started with the Redskins in 1937 pro football was largely a grind-it-out ground game. The forward pass was something to be used with caution, and never inside your 30-yard line, except in desperate situations.

By the time Baugh was through, the forward pass was a primary offensive weapon. Obviously, such a change could not be totally brought about by one individual. But Baugh was the catalyst that changed the game. No one had seen a passer who could throw with such accuracy.

The sculpture below is of "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh's right hand.  The inscription above it reads:

Henry Lyon, Sculptor
Presented to
George Preston Marshall
by Corrine Griffith Marshall
October 11, 1947

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