Single-Game rushing records by team

Single-Game rushing records by team

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Rookie running back Doug Martin led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 42-32 win on the road over the Oakland Raiders in Week 9 of the 2012 season. The first-round draft pick out of Boise State returned to his hometown and put on a show to remember. He rushed for a franchise record 251 yards and scored four touchdowns in the victory as a large contingent of family and friends watched. Martin’s output eclipsed the previous record of 219 yards gained by James Wilder against the Minnesota Vikings on Nov. 6, 1983.

Martin’s record was one of two team marks that were set during the ’12 season. DeAngelo Williams established the single-game rushing record for the Carolina Panthers when he rushed for 210 yards in the team’s 44-38 win over the New Orleans Saints in the season finale on Dec. 30, 2012. The Panthers record had belonged to Jonathan Stewart (206 yards versus the New York Giants on Dec. 27, 2009.)

The chart below lists the players who hold the single-game rushing yard record for each of the current NFL franchises.

Team Single-Game Rushing Record Holders

Team Record Holder Yards Date Opponent
Arizona Cardinals Chris Wells 228 Nov. 27, 2011 at St. Louis Rams
Atlanta Falcons Michael Turner 220 Sept. 7, 2008 vs. Detroit Lions
Baltimore Ravens Jamal Lewis 295 Sept. 14, 2003 vs. Cleveland Browns
Buffalo Bills O.J. Simpson 273 Nov. 25, 1976 at Detroit Lions
Carolina Panthers DeAngelo Williams 212 Dec. 30, 2012 at New Orleans Saints
Chicago Bears Walter Payton 275 Nov. 20, 1977 vs. Minnesota Vikings
Cincinnati Bengals Corey Dillon 278 Oct. 22, 2000 vs. Denver Broncos
Cleveland Browns Jerome Harrison 286 Dec. 20, 2009 at Kansas City Chiefs
Dallas Cowboys DeMarco Murray 253 Oct. 23, 2011 vs. St. Louis Rams
Denver Broncos Mike Anderson 251 Dec. 3, 2000 at New Orleans Saints
Detroit Lions Barry Sanders 237 Nov. 13, 1994 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Green Bay Packers Ahman Green 218 Dec. 28, 2003 vs. Denver Broncos
Houston Texans Arian Foster 231 Sept. 12, 2010 vs. Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Colts Edgerrin James 219 Oct. 15, 2000 at Seattle Seahawks
Jacksonville Jaguars Fred Taylor 234 Nov. 19, 2000 at Pittsburgh Steelers
Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles 259 Jan. 3, 2010 at Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Ricky Williams 228 Dec. 1, 2002 at Buffalo Bills
Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson 296 Nov. 4, 2007 vs. San Diego Chargers
New England Patriots Tony Collins 212 Sept. 18, 1983 vs. New York Jets
New Orleans Saints George Rogers 206 Sept. 41983 vs. St. Louis Cardinals
New York Giants Tiki Barber 234 Dec. 30, 2006 at Washington Redskins
New York Jets Thomas Jones 210 Oct. 18, 2009 vs. Buffalo Bills
Oakland Raiders Napoleon Kaufman 227 Oct. 19, 1997 vs. Denver Broncos
Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy 217 Dec. 8, 2013 vs. Detroit Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers Willie Parker 223 Dec. 7, 2006 vs. Cleveland Browns
St. Louis Rams Willie Ellison 247 Dec. 5, 1971 vs. New Orleans Saints
San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson 243 Dec. 28, 2003 vs. Oakland Raiders
San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore 212 Nov. 19, 2006 vs. Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Seahawks Shaun Alexander 266 Nov. 11, 2001 vs. Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Doug Martin 251 Nov. 4, 2012 vs. Oakland Raiders
Tennessee Titans Chris Johnson 228 Nov. 1, 2009 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Washington Redskins Gerald Riggs 221 Sept. 17, 1989 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
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