Pioli Family Fund for HBCU Coaches and Scouts Application

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Current Role as Coach or Scout

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Amount of funding requested (up to $10,000)



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Financial Hardship

Have you experienced any financial hardship in the last year that has affected your ability to financially support yourself as football coach or scout? If applicable, please describe any sponsorship or income reductions you may have experienced.

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Use of Funds

Briefly tell us, in specifics, when and how you intend to use the funds requested. Character Limit: 300

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Please describe below, with as much detail as possible, your goals for both the immediate future and long-term career aspirations. Please include steps you will take to achieve those goals and how your current employment will help you achieve your goals.

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Champions of Inclusion: Paying It Forward

Have you forged your own path by advocating for and furthering greater inclusion in football? Do you have plans to help break down barriers for others?

Please provide a personal statement which outlines your passion for increasing diversity and inclusion in football. Please include specific ways you have worked towards greater inclusion or how you plan to use your position to give back to your sport or community in the future.

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Financial Information
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Personal Statement

Please provide a brief introductory statement about yourself and why you would be a good candidate for a Pioli Family Fund for HBCU Coaches and scouts. Please detail what impact this grant will have for you in both financial assistance and career development.


Football CV or Resume
Please include a resume or CV which outlines your current experience as a coach or scout in the sport of football and any other relevant experience.

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General Information

Note: Any grant funds awarded to an individual or organization are subject to all IRS regulations. Therefore, all grantees will be required to fill out the appropriate forms (e.g., W-9), and all funds must be reported to the IRS at the end of the calendar year as they may be subject to income tax regulations. Grants awarded that cannot be used by the recipient for its intended purpose must be returned to the Pioli Family Fund.

Please make grant check payable to:
If your check is returned because you indicated an incorrect name or address, a $25.00 processing (bank) fee will be deducted from your grant.


To your knowledge, are you now the subject of a pending disciplinary and/or eligibility proceeding?


Where can we find you on social media? Please list the platform and handle below.


Have you received a Pioli Family Fund for HBCU coaches and scouts grant previously? If yes, provide the date(s) and grant amount(s) below.

Example: 06/30/2015:$2,500; 12/31/2016: $3,500; 06/30/2017: $5,000


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