George Preston Marshall Enshrinement speech

George Preston Marshall Enshrinement Speech 1963

Presenter: General Abendroth

I’m highly honored to be here today to participate in this ceremony and especially since it involves George Marshall. George Marshall’s contributions to National Football is too numerous to mention here. I could talk for an hour and I'm sure I couldn't cover all of them. To make it short I think he’s one of the greatest men that ever was connected with National Football.

Milton King on behalf of George Preston Marshall

My name since nobody introduced me is Milton King. I've been associated with Marshall ever since the inception of pro football. I might say that he's a better negotiator than Curly Lambeau because I was with him when we got the franchise for the Redskins from Joe Carr and we only paid twenty-five dollars for it. I am really honored to be here to accept this well-deserved reward for George. He's lived and died football. He's now confined to a hospital in his sick bed and he sends greetings to· everyone. I know that this would have been the crowning achievement of his life to which he has devoted so much time. His long and faithful service to the National Football League is well illustrated by his induction into the Hall of Fame. No man deserves it more. Thank you very kindly.